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Make your music shine.

Online Mixing and Mastering

Mastering is a crucial step to make your music sound clear. Master with Julian J. Ludwig in stereo or 5.1 Surround at our Studio C.

Cost-effectiveness, that you can hear.

Check out our price list for Online Mastering. For mixing, 5.1 surround projects, DVDs, or binaural audio, please contact us. The price includes up to 2 revisions.


R$ 250

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

4+ tracks

R$ 200

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

5.1 Surround

R$ 350

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

STEM Mastering

R$ 550

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

Standard Mixing

R$ 750

Per track. Songs up to 5 minutes.

Symphonic Music Movements

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Studio C

Studio C is our stereo and 5.1 Surround mixing and mastering room. The room utilizes RME UCX conversion, Monitoring Neumann KH310 (with optional Sonarworks), and Audeze LCD2 headphones. Meticulously designed, Studio C was conceived to create the ideal acoustic environment for Mixing and Mastering, ensuring that every nuance of your music is heard and enhanced. Renowned names such as Emanuelle Baldini (Spalla OSESP), Alejandro Aldana (Spalla Orquestra Municipal), Hercules Gomes, Fabio Martino, Rafael Cesário, Antonio Pinto, João Carlos Martins, Alexandre Guerra, Lea Freire, Silvia Goes, Nailor Proveta, Banda Mantiqueira, Laércio de Freitas, Edmilson Capelupi, Fabio Peron, Eduardo Brasil, Celso Almeida, Thadeu Romano, Toninho Carrasqueira, Michi Ruzitschka, Toninho Ferragutti, Betina Stegmann, Nelson Rios, Marcelo Jaffé, Ricardo Herz, OSUSP, São Paulo Chambers Soloists, Orquestra Sinfônica Municipal, Pedro Gadelha, Alexandre Ribeiro, Clarice Assad, among others, have passed through here.

Beto Gebhard | Online Mastering, Online Mixing, Mixing, Mastering Check out our price list for Online Mastering. For mixing, 5.1 surround projects, DVDs, or binaural audio, please contact us. The price includes up to 2 revisions.


Rafael Themes | Online Mastering, Online Mixing, Mixing, Mastering Check out our price list for Online Mastering. For mixing, 5.1 surround projects, DVDs, or binaural audio, please contact us. The price includes up to 2 revisions.


Listen to some projects that have gone through here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Mixing?

Online mixing is an innovative and accessible process that has revolutionized the way musicians and producers approach mixing their tracks. Unlike traditional mixing, which typically requires presence in a professional studio, online mixing allows artists and sound engineers to collaborate remotely. This means you can send your recorded tracks to a mixing engineer, who will work on them in a professional studio and then send the mixed version back to you over the internet.

The major advantage of online mixing is convenience. No matter where you are, you can access talented professionals from around the world, choosing the one that best fits the style and needs of your project. This not only saves time and resources on travel but also opens up a range of options for working with various mixing experts.

In summary, online mixing is a modern, convenient, and affordable way to bring professional quality to your recordings, allowing musicians from all over to enhance their tracks with the help of specialists from around the globe.

What is Online Mastering?

Online mastering is an advanced and efficient technique for enhancing and finalizing music recordings, adapted for the digital age. Similar to online mixing, online mastering allows musicians and producers to send their mixed tracks to a mastering engineer via the internet. This professional, using state-of-the-art equipment and software in a specialized studio, will optimize the recording to ensure the best possible sound quality across different platforms and devices.

What should I look for in a Mixing and Mastering Engineer?

When seeking a mixing and mastering engineer, there are several essential factors to consider to ensure that you choose a professional who will elevate the quality of your music. These factors are crucial for both online and traditional mixing and mastering services.

How should I deliver files for Online Mastering?

When preparing your files for online mastering, it’s important to follow some essential guidelines to ensure that the process is efficient and that the final result is the best it can be. Here are the key recommendations:

  1. File Format: Prefer high-quality file formats. WAV or AIFF are most recommended as they are uncompressed formats that preserve audio integrity. Avoid compressed formats like MP3, as they have already lost some quality during compression.
  2. Sample Rate and Bit Depth: Send files at the highest sample rate and bit depth at which they were recorded or mixed. Typically, sample rates range from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, and bit depth can be 16, 24, or even 32 bits. Do not upscale files (artificially increasing the sample rate) as this does not improve quality.
  3. Volume Levels and Headroom: Avoid normalizing or applying excessive limiting to your files. Leave adequate headroom, usually between -6dB and -3dB peak maximum, so the mastering engineer has space to work on dynamics and volume.
  4. File Identification: Clearly name each file with the song name and, if applicable, the order in the album. This avoids confusion and ensures the mastering engineer knows exactly what they’re working with.
  5. Specific Instructions: If you have preferences or specific instructions about the sound or other aspects of mastering, include this information in a text document or email accompanying the files. Clear communication is crucial to ensure your expectations are met.
  6. Delivery Method: Use reliable file transfer services to send your files. Platforms like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive are commonly used and allow for sending large files while maintaining quality.
  7. Reference Tracks: If there is a specific track whose sound you admire and want to be used as a reference for mastering, include this file or inform the engineer about it.

By following these guidelines, you’ll help ensure that the online mastering process is smooth and efficient, and that the final product meets or exceeds your expectations. It’s always helpful to maintain open communication with the mastering engineer to clarify any questions and ensure both parties are aligned regarding the desired outcome.

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