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Studio B (21 m2 – 4.16m x 5.06m) is designed for productions where a less reverberant room is preferred. Ideal for voice recording, controlled drums, or solo instruments. More intimate video projects also work very well in this studio, such as Podcasts, Interviews, and Courses. The decor is modern and casual. The monitoring is Neumann KH310.

Video ProductionOnline Course

Video Sets in Studio B

Many brands have been here: Disney, Globo (Fantástico), GloboPlay, Itaú, PicPay, Microsoft, 3 Corações, Havaianas, Vivo, Adobe, HP, Honda, Banco Alfa, Nestlé, Endemol, among others. And personalities like: Alok, Cazé, Casagrande, Astrid, Julio Lancellotti, Laerte, Andréia Horta, Paula Lima, Rodrigo Oliveira, Mano Brown, Thaide, Negra Li, Paulo Miklos, Cafu, Gabi Amarantos, Whindersson Nunes, João Gordo, Gusttavo Lima, Paulinho Vilhena, Dan Stulbach, Zélia Duncan, Leandro Hassum, Milhem Cortaz, Edgard Piccoli, Lucas Lima, Linn da Quebrada, Silvero Pereira, Liniker, Fernando Haddad, Fafá de Belém, Criolo, Dira Paes, Anna Muylaert, Vampeta, Gabriela Prioli, Primo Rico, Nathalia Arcuri, Marcos Palmeira, among others.

Technical Data of the Room

CAPTURE DIMENSIONS: 21 m² - 4.16m x 5.06m - CEILING HEIGHT: 3.65m - TECHNICAL DIMENSIONS: 4.25m x 3.37m - INTERNET: Vivo Fibra 300mb, 150mb upload - AIR CONDITIONING: Yes - SERVICE LIGHTING: 2 Par 30 LED Spots, 15 Par 20 LED Spots - POWER SUPPLY: 110V - RESTROOMS: Male and Female - DRESSING ROOM: Yes - AUDIO RECORDING: Yes - MINIMUM PERIOD: 6 hours - FURNITURE: 4 Armchairs, 1 Coffee Table, Among Others. Please Inquire for Details.


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+55 11 96088-8681
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Rua Senador Felicio dos Santos 312B
Liberdade, São Paulo, Brasil
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