Julian J. Ludwig

Tonmeiser and Mastering services in stereo and 5.1, specializing in Classical Music and Jazz. Remote recordings and filmscore projects.

With over 20 years of audio engineering experience, I’m the owner of the recording studio Jacarandá, based in São Paulo. We are Classical Music specialists and run our own orchestra (São Paulo Studio Orchestra). I work with labels like NAXOS and independent clients.

Founded in 2008, Jacarandá is one of the most important recording studios in Brasil. We love to do large recording sessions with orchestras and Big Bands, using some of the finest High-End equipment. In 2022 we started our own Record Label called Jacarandá Music.

I worked with many artists over the years, but here are some of my favorites: Emanuelle Baldini, Alejandro Aldana, Hercules Gomes, Fabio Martino, Rafael Cesário, Antonio Pinto, João Carlos Martins, Alexandre Guerra, Lea Freire, Silvia Goes, Nailor Proveta, Banda Mantiqueira, Laércio de Freitas, Edmilson Capelupi, Fabio Peron, Eduardo Brasil, Celso Almeida, Thadeu Romano, Toninho Carrasqueira, Michi Ruzitschka, Toninho Ferragutti, Betina Stegmann, Nelson Rios, Marcelo Jaffé, Ricardo Herz, OSUSP, São Paulo Chambers Soloists, Orquestra Sinfônica Municipal, Pedro Gadelha, Alexandre Ribeiro, Clarice Assad etc.

World Class Mic Collection

I’m a microphone collector, and over the years I tried to put together a selection of some of the finest microphones when it comes to Jazz and Classical recordings. Here are some of my personal favorites in no particular order: Schoeps MK4, MK2, MK3, MK41, DPA 4041, 4006, 4007, 4011, 4021, 4018, Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin, MKH800 P48, MKH80, Gefell M930, Neumann SM69, TLM170, U87, TLM67, KM140, Milab VIP-50, and many others. We use high-end preamps such as Millennia, GML, TubeTech, LaChapell, Rupert Neve etc. to complement the microphones.

Mixing and Mastering Service

Mixing and Mastering classical records and jazz records is all about critical listening and knowledge of the repertoire. My goal is to enhance the tonal and special qualities of your recording, without squashing the tracks.

During the mix or mastering session, we tame harshness and annoying frequencies, improve the tonal balance, control the low-end, fix muddy frequencies, remove noise using Izotope RX, and master the levels for commercial distribution preserving the natural dynamics.

My world-class listening and mastering room is tuned to reveal any problems your recordings might have, allowing me to make any adjustments needed in a well-informed matter. We use Neumann KH310 as the main reference in all our rooms.

Studio and Remote Recording

We can help you record your next project in our studio, or in remote locations like concert halls and stages. We have a mobile recording setup ideal for large recording dates. Feel free to give us a shout.

Jacarandá Music

Nosso lema “Acta non Verba” pode ser traduzido como “Faça, não fale”. A Jacarandá Music é uma gravadora que surgiu da ideia de gravar música inédita e de qualidade, disponibilizando as gravações gratuitamente. Empregando novas técnicas de áudio imersivo, aliamos equipamentos clássicos e consagrados ao que há de mais moderno em áudio High End. Acreditamos que o conhecimento musical e técnico andam lado a lado para trazer a melhor experiência aos ouvidos mais exigentes.


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