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Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo

Online Course Recording in São Paulo

We offer specialized services for online course recording, combining state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to ensure high-quality productions. Our studio is equipped to meet your specific needs, providing complete solutions in lighting, sound, editing, and post-production. Choose our team to take your online courses to the next level and ensure a impactful digital presence in the world of e-learning.

Recording Studios

An attractive studio for online course lessons is essential to create a professional environment that captures students' attention, reflecting the quality of the course and facilitating learning. Additionally, a well-decorated space strengthens the brand identity, conveying credibility, and encouraging student engagement and active participation.

Our Studios

Online Course Recording

When recording lessons for a course, video is crucial as it enriches learning with visual and auditory elements, facilitating comprehension. Instructors can demonstrate concepts and connect better with students. Videos cater to various learning styles and offer flexibility. They make online learning dynamic and interactive, essential for the success of online courses.
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High-Quality Audio

Record your online course in environments with good acoustics, using high-quality microphones such as Schoeps and DPA. Audio quality is vital, maintaining students' attention and engagement with clarity and without noise. Poor audio can frustrate and distract students, hindering learning. Therefore, good audio not only provides clarity but also ensures effective communication and an immersive learning experience.
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Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo
Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo 2
Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo
Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo 2=
Gravacao de cursos online - produtora de cursos - videoaula - ead - Em Sao Paulo


The Jacarandá’s Studios A, B, and E have quickly become a popular video location for TV series filming, online course recording, podcasts, among other audiovisual productions. Work with our ready-to-use video sets, infinity backgrounds, or bring your own decoration. Here’s our case “Donas do Dinheiro” with Bela Gil and Nathalia Arcuri.

Our Studios


Studio E has quickly become a favorite for online course recording and video lectures. The industrial design with burnt cement offers both a neutral background and personality. We provide different furniture options and also light gobos to further customize the room.

Studio E


Perfect for intimate recordings, Studio B features a shelf-like visual that can be customized with your set design or using items from our collection. It’s also possible to record with a podcast table setting or armchairs.

Studio B


Our video team, specialized in online course recording, is composed of talented and experienced professionals dedicated to capturing high-quality content. With advanced technical skills and a creative approach, we work together to ensure that each course is visually captivating and pedagogically effective, ensuring a superior learning experience for students. We use Blackmagic 4K cameras.

How to record an online course?

Recording an online course effectively involves several crucial steps to ensure that the content is engaging, informative, and accessible to students. Firstly, it is important to choose a recording studio or an online course producer that has experience and suitable equipment to produce high-quality video lectures. These studios typically offer services that include recording, editing, and even consultation on the best format for your E-Learning video lectures.

What is important in a studio for recording video lectures?

When considering a studio for recording video lectures, several elements are essential to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the produced content. Firstly, audio quality is paramount; a good studio should offer acoustic isolation to minimize external noises and high-quality microphones to clearly capture the instructor’s voice. Lighting also plays a crucial role, with adjustable systems to create a visually appealing and professional environment.

Additionally, video quality cannot be overlooked. High-resolution cameras, accompanied by tripods and stabilizers, are essential for producing sharp and professional images. The background used in recordings, preferably neutral or capable of adding graphic elements in post-production, also contributes to the final video quality.

Speaking of post-production, the studio should have advanced editing software. These allow not only enhancing the visual and sound quality of the recordings but also adding interactive and informative elements, enriching the learning experience. Moreover, the comfort of the recording environment is vital. An ergonomic and well-planned space helps the presenter maintain energy and natural delivery throughout the sessions.

Lastly, one cannot forget the technical support and consultancy that a specialized studio can offer. These services are valuable for optimizing the structure and presentation of content, ensuring that video lectures are not only visually appealing but also pedagogically effective. For courses that include live broadcasts, the technical capability of the studio to conduct these broadcasts with quality and stability is equally important.

Thus, a recording studio that harmonizes all these aspects significantly contributes to the success and quality of video lectures, being a key element for the success of online courses and E-Learning programs.

Where can I promote and sell my online course? Video lectures for E-Learning.

The promotion and sale of an online course can be done in various ways, leveraging both specialized digital platforms and online marketing strategies. Initially, choosing the right platform to host your course is crucial. There are several options such as Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable, which not only allow you to upload your content but also offer marketing and sales tools, as well as an existing user base.

What does an online course producer do?

A production company for online courses plays a multifaceted role, encompassing everything from initial planning to the final delivery of the course. The main goal is to transform the knowledge and expertise of an instructor into an engaging and educational online course suitable for a wide range of distance learning platforms (E-Learning).

Initially, the production company works closely with the instructor or organization to develop the course concept. This involves understanding the learning objectives, target audience, and the content to be covered. From there, the production company helps to structure the course, deciding on the format of the video lectures, the number of modules, and the course duration.

The next step involves creating the course content. The production company may assist in drafting scripts for the video lectures, ensuring that the content is presented clearly and engagingly. Additionally, the online course production company often offers recording and video editing services, using studios equipped with advanced technology to ensure the quality of audio and video.

During the production phase, additional elements such as graphics, animations, and interactivity are often added to enhance the learning experience. This not only makes the course visually appealing but can also facilitate understanding and retention of the content by the student.

After the course production, the production company may also offer post-production services, such as final editing of the video lectures, inclusion of subtitles, and preparation of support materials such as PDFs or quizzes.

In addition to content creation, many online course production companies also offer consulting services in marketing and sales strategies. They can assist in promoting the course, using SEO techniques to improve online visibility, and developing digital marketing campaigns to attract students.

In summary, an online course production company is an essential partner in the process of transforming specialized knowledge into an engaging and effective online course. It combines technical skills with pedagogical knowledge and marketing strategies to create courses that not only educate but also engage and inspire students.

Which program is used to produce online courses?

The production of online courses involves the use of various programs and tools, depending on the specific needs of the course and the preferences of the producer. Here are some types of programs commonly used in the production of online courses:

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