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Studio C is our stereo and 5.1 Surround mixing and mastering room. The room utilizes RME UCX conversion, Neumann KH310 Monitoring (with Sonarworks), and JBL LSR 4328 (5.1 surround), along with a booth ideal for voice and solo instruments. In addition to our microphones, the room includes 1x GAP PRE 73, 1x Millennia HV-35, 1x A-Designs P1, 1x TNC (NEVE 1081), 1x Black Lion Audio – B12A MKII, 1x Lindell 506 MKII.

Online Mixing and Mastering

Technical Data of the Room

TECHNICAL DIMENSIONS: 5.20m x 4.25m - CAPTURE DIMENSIONS: 2.38m x 1.81m - CEILING HEIGHT: 2.78m - INTERNET: Vivo Fibra 300mb, 150mb upload - AIR CONDITIONING: Yes - SERVICE LIGHTING: 20 Par 20 LED Spots - POWER SUPPLY: 110V - RESTROOMS: Yes - DRESSING ROOM: Yes - AUDIO RECORDING: Yes - MINIMUM PERIOD: 1 hour - FURNITURE: 3-Seater Sofa / Option for Armchairs

Online Mastering

Specialized in Brazilian Music, Jazz, and Classical.

Check out our pricing table. For 5.1 surround projects, DVDs, or binaural audio, please contact us.


R$ 250

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

4+ tracks

R$ 200

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

5.1 Surround

R$ 350

Per track. Songs up to 8 minutes.

Mixing and Mastering

If you’re an independent artist, there are many important details involved in releasing your project. After recording and going through the mixing process, it’s time to finalize the mastering with the same dedication.

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