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Locutores online2 | Online voice talent, commercial voiceover, voice bank, voice casting, professional voiceover. Do you need a voice that captures attention and delivers your message clearly and effectively? Then you need professional voiceover services!

Handpicked Online Voice Talent.

Do you need a voice that captures attention and delivers your message clearly and effectively? Then you need professional voiceover services!

Our team of experienced and highly trained voice talents is ready to bring your audio and video productions to life, whether they are commercials, corporate videos, online courses, documentaries, or anything else you can imagine.

With years of experience in voice acting, our voice talents know how to convey the message engagingly and persuasively, with clear diction and appropriate intonation. We work with a wide variety of voiceover styles, from informative narrations to fun and exciting commercials.

Additionally, we offer professional audio editing services to ensure that your final production is perfect in every aspect, from sound quality to the fluency of the voiceover.

No matter what you need, our voiceover team is ready to help you achieve your communication goals effectively and stylishly. Contact us today to learn more about our professional voiceover services and discover how we can help you stand out from the crowd!

Locutores online
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Voiceover Agency.

Hiring a voiceover agency can make all the difference in the quality of your advertising project. After all, choosing the ideal voice talent for your project can be a difficult task that requires specific technical knowledge.

A voiceover agency has a team of experienced and trained professionals to help find the perfect voice talent for your project, taking into consideration factors such as tone of voice, intonation, rhythm, pronunciation, among others.

Additionally, a voiceover agency can offer additional services such as studio recording, audio editing, mixing, and mastering, ensuring a final result of high quality.

By hiring a voiceover agency, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with qualified professionals who understand the importance of voiceover in an advertising project. And best of all, you save time and energy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your project.

Don’t risk the quality of your advertising project. Hire a voiceover agency and ensure the success of your project!

Casting de voz locutores online voiceover 2 | Online voice talent, commercial voiceover, voice bank, voice casting, professional voiceover. Do you need a voice that captures attention and delivers your message clearly and effectively? Then you need professional voiceover services!

Regional Accents.

Brazil has a vast richness of accents. Count on our help to assemble a regional casting.

More than 80 languages

native, at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips.

Will human announcers be replaced by AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have advanced considerably in producing realistic synthetic voices, but there are still several reasons why human speakers will not be completely replaced by AI.

Human voices can express a wide range of emotions, intentions, and nuances, something that is still difficult for AI to reproduce naturally and convincingly. Additionally, human speakers can adapt their voice and tone according to the context, audience, and communication style, which is crucial to ensuring a satisfactory auditory experience.

Another important aspect is cultural context. Pronunciation, intonation, and accent vary considerably across different regions and cultures. A human speaker may have native knowledge of the language and culture they are presenting, enabling them to adapt and personalize the content for the specific audience. AI may struggle to reproduce these cultural nuances authentically.

Text interpretation is another factor to consider. Although AI can read and interpret texts easily, understanding the implicit meaning of words, phrases, or context still poses a challenge. This can result in incorrect pronunciations, lack of proper intonation, and reading texts in a monotonous and mechanical manner.

Finally, user experience should also be taken into account. The sound of the human voice is still pleasant for many people and can help establish an emotional connection with the listener. Human speakers can also provide a personalized experience, which may be especially important in situations where the customer needs individualized or special attention.

While AI can be used to generate synthetic voices in specific situations, such as in automated customer service systems or advertisements, human speakers are still irreplaceable in many other contexts, especially in situations that require human interaction and personalization.

Why hire a voice-over agency?

In our digital and online world, the sensory experience provided by voiceover agencies is priceless. The agency’s specialty lies in covering the entire voiceover process – from recording to post-production techniques and also in finding the right voice actor for you. Whether for online and entertainment companies or those with a more traditional media presence, voice actors are in high demand. Finding the best voice actor for your needs requires thorough research, which can be a bit confusing. Once you’ve found the voice actor, you also need to know how to effectively record the voice.

Getting the perfect voice actor and the necessary recording doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge. In this article, our goal is to focus on finding the perfect voice actor and explain why hiring an agency might be the best choice for you. We’ll also look at the benefits of having the expertise of a voiceover agency at your disposal so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to hire an agency.

The best way to find the ideal voice actor, as with most entertainment jobs, requires a casting process. Casting allows you to conduct a comprehensive search while confirming if the candidate is ideal for the role to be filled. You may already have an idea of the type of voice actor you want, of course, but it’s always good to have options. Speaking of casting, a good piece of advice is to allow yourself to be surprised by what is offered. The best candidate is usually someone you haven’t met yet!

Throughout the rest of the article, we will look at the most important reasons why hiring a voiceover agency can confirm if the voice actor will be of good use to you and your project. Each item below highlights a benefit.

– Professionalism: Talent is common, but professionalism is harder to find. You want the talent, but it’s worth emphasizing that it takes the right talent with a high degree of professionalism. The result would be much better and with much less stress than if you had to take responsibility for everything.
– Deadline: Looking for voice actors who are punctual and who send recordings on time. Your time is money and it is finite and precious. Pay someone who does a good job and delivers on time.
– Direction and adjustments: Your voice actor needs to know how to listen to your requests and make adjustments according to your needs. This means looking for an artist who understands the art of voiceover and who can interpret and respond in real-time.

So, how do you find these requirements? And how do you know what to look for? Perhaps it’s time to hire an agency.

If you need everything mentioned above, it’s understandable that you would want a voiceover agency that knows how to find these proficiencies. First and foremost, these agencies (such as Loc On Demand) have experience and know what to do.

Find an agency that does the work for you – you’ll want to find one that communicates, understands your needs, and is ready to proceed with your demands.

You can discover agencies with a good reputation by looking for testimonials, past clients, and starting a dialogue with them.

Voiceover agencies don’t just search for talent – they are involved in recording the audio from start to finish. This process begins with casting the ideal artist, but the voiceover itself requires meticulous editing and post-production mixing.
Sound in media is often underestimated. Don’t make the same mistake. There is good evidence that consumers stop paying attention or close the media if the sound quality does not meet expectations. Much is communicated through sounds, so clear and polished audio is necessary, from the words to the technical quality.

Voiceover agencies, like Loc On Demand, have audio technicians who edit meticulously and remove any superfluous sounds, such as saliva or throat noises. They are responsible for assisting in the recording process and ensuring that there are no script reading errors.

Whatever your project, a good voiceover agency can cover all types and styles of voice actors and performances.
The main types of voiceover projects you expect an agency to provide are:
– Commercial – a considerable proportion of advertisements and commercials make use of voiceovers. Watch television and you’ll see evidence of this. And of course, every radio advertisement requires voiceover work in itself.
– Animation – animated films, cartoons, and any type of online animated content all make significant use of voiceover talents.
– Video games – the gaming industry is currently larger than the film industry, and there is still room to grow. Voiceover work in this medium is abundant.
– Podcasts and audiobooks – another growing industry. Podcasts have revolutionized how we listen to the world, and there is no shortage of space for voice talents, which agencies choose.
– Film and television, such as documentaries – now seen as traditional media, these are necessary and reliable media that still need and require voice talents regularly. Consider using narration in a documentary as an example.

Any relevant agency has its own recording studio. And that means all the equipment and resources at your disposal without the need to invest a fortune in expensive and specific equipment. The studio is considered a bonus.

Highlight Your Brand with Professional Voice Actors and Quality Voice Bank

If you’re looking for the perfect voice to bring your commercial voiceover projects to life, you’ve come to the right place! Our website is your reliable source for professional online voice actors and a high-quality voice bank.

Professional Online Voice Actors for Every Project

Our voice actors are experts in turning words into captivating experiences. They have a wide range of styles and vocal tones to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a radio commercial, a corporate video, or a TV ad, our actors are ready to bring your message to life.

Diverse Casting

Our voice bank is a true gem for any voiceover project. With a wide selection of vocal talents, you can choose the voice that best represents your brand. From young and lively voices to mature and authoritative voices, we have the perfect voice cast for your voiceover casting.

Quality You Can Trust

On our platform, quality is the order of the day. All recordings are produced in high-standard studios, ensuring exceptional audio quality. Additionally, our team of experienced voiceover professionals ensures that each project meets the highest industry standards.

Experience in Commercial Voiceover

With years of experience in commercial voiceover, we understand the importance of conveying the right message to your target audience. We work closely with you to ensure that your vision is realized effectively and engagingly.

Custom Voice Casting

We offer a personalized voice casting service so you can find the perfect voice for your project. Our team of voiceover experts will help you choose the voice that aligns perfectly with your brand and message.

Don’t leave your voiceover in the wrong hands. Trust our professional online voice actors and our quality casting to make your project stand out. Contact us today and take your voiceover to the next level.

If you’ve already decided that hiring a voiceover agency is best for you, consider Loc On Demand – they offer all the benefits mentioned in this article.

Ultimately, whichever path you choose, good luck with your future voiceover projects.

Which qualities should a good advertising announcer have?

A good advertising voice-over artist must possess several qualities to effectively convey the message in an engaging manner. It’s essential that they have clear and precise diction, along with a pleasant voice that can captivate the audience. Expressiveness is also important, as the voice-over artist should be able to convey emotions and feelings through their voice to make the message more engaging.

They must be able to adapt their voice and speaking style to the context of the message and the target audience, as well as have creativity to create impactful advertising scripts that grab the audience’s attention. A deep understanding of the product or service being advertised is necessary so they can convey the message convincingly and authentically. Finally, the voice-over artist must be able to work as part of a team with other professionals involved in the production of the advertisement, such as copywriters, art directors, and producers, to ensure the message is cohesive and effective.

In summary, a good advertising voice-over artist should be able to convey the message clearly, engagingly, and persuasively, adapting their voice and speaking style to the context of the message and the target audience.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of a voiceover recording is very important because the announcer’s voice is the central element of the advertising message, and if the audio quality is not good, the message can be compromised. Good audio quality ensures that the announcer’s voice is clear and crisp, which is essential for the audience to hear and understand the message effortlessly. Additionally, good audio quality can convey a sense of professionalism and credibility to the message, which can be crucial for the brand perception by the audience.

If the audio quality is poor, the message may be misunderstood, which can harm the brand image and the success of the advertising campaign. Therefore, it is important that the audio quality of a voiceover recording is taken into consideration from pre-production to post-production, ensuring that the message is efficiently conveyed with high quality.

How can a quality announcer help a brand gain greater credibility?

A quality announcer can help a brand gain credibility in several ways. Firstly, a good voice can convey a sense of trust and professionalism in the advertising message, which can be crucial for the brand’s perception by the audience. A clear, expressive, and well-modulated voice can capture the audience’s attention and deliver the message in an engaging and persuasive manner, contributing to the brand’s positive image.

Furthermore, a quality announcer can convey authenticity and empathy, establishing an emotional connection with the audience and making the message more persuasive. The announcer’s ability to express emotions and feelings through their voice can help create a bond with the audience, conveying the message in a more human and relatable way.

Lastly, a quality announcer can help the brand stand out from the competition by creating a unique and memorable sonic identity. The announcer’s voice can be an important element of the brand’s identity, making it more recognizable and contributing to audience loyalty.

In summary, a quality announcer can help a brand gain credibility through a confident, authentic, and engaging voice, establishing an emotional connection with the audience, and creating a unique and memorable sonic identity.

Why should I avoid using the same voices in all my audiovisual projects?

It’s important to avoid using the same voices in all audiovisual projects because this can lead to monotony and a lack of variety in your brand’s communication. When you use the same voice across all your advertising campaigns, corporate videos, and other audiovisual projects, it can make your message appear repetitive and tiresome, which can affect how your brand is perceived by the audience.

On the contrary, when you use different voices in each project, you can create a variety of styles and tones that help maintain the audience’s interest and increase the effectiveness of your message. A different voice can bring a new perspective and a different style of presenting the message, which can make your brand more appealing and memorable to the audience.

Moreover, by using different voices in your audiovisual projects, you can reach broader and more diverse audiences. For example, if you’re creating an advertising video for a specific product, a younger and more dynamic voice may be more suitable for a younger audience, while a more mature and serious voice may be more appropriate for an older audience.

In summary, avoiding the use of the same voices in all audiovisual projects can help maintain variety and audience interest in your brand by creating a range of styles and tones to communicate the message. This can help make your brand more appealing and memorable to the audience and reach broader and more diverse audiences.

Why is it important to create content in other languages using native speakers?

It’s important to create content in other languages using native speakers as it helps ensure that the message is communicated clearly and accurately to the target audience who speaks that language. When a speaker is not a native of the language they are recording in, they may have difficulty in correctly pronouncing certain words, using appropriate intonation, and expressing emotions naturally, which can negatively affect the audience’s comprehension of the message.

On the contrary, using a native speaker of the language in which the content is being recorded ensures that pronunciation and intonation will be appropriate, and that the message will be communicated naturally and fluently to the target audience. Additionally, a native speaker can convey cultural and regional nuances that would be difficult for a non-native speaker, helping to make the message more authentic and relevant to the audience.

Using native speakers in content in other languages can also help avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations that could affect the brand’s image or cause harm to the company. For example, a poor translation or incorrect interpretation could lead to a confusing or offensive message, which could damage the brand’s image and cause irreparable harm.

In summary, recording native speakers in content in other languages is important to ensure that the message is communicated clearly and accurately to the target audience, avoiding misunderstandings and misinterpretations that could harm the brand’s image.

What is the importance of audio post-production for an audiovisual project?

Audio post-production is a critical part of the audiovisual production process, as it is responsible for enhancing sound quality and creating a more engaging and immersive auditory experience for the audience. Some of the main reasons why audio post-production is important for an audiovisual project include:

      1. Sound Quality: Audio post-production allows sound professionals to correct technical issues, such as background noise, distortions, volume imbalances, and synchronization problems. This results in high-quality sound that is clean, clear, and well-balanced.
      2. Atmosphere and Immersion: Sound is a key element in creating an atmosphere and immersion in an audiovisual project. Audio post-production enables professionals to add sound effects, music, and mixing to enhance the auditory experience and transport the audience into the story.
      3. Clarity and Intelligibility: Audio post-production can improve the clarity and intelligibility of dialogue, allowing the audience to easily understand what is being said. This is especially important in scenes with a lot of action or in projects with many characters, where there may be many conflicting sounds.
      4. Creativity and Expression: Audio post-production also offers many opportunities for creativity and artistic expression. Sound professionals can experiment with sound effects, complex mixes, and custom music to create a unique and emotionally engaging auditory experience.

In summary, audio post-production is essential to ensure that an audiovisual project has high-quality sound and creates an engaging and immersive auditory experience for the audience.

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